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Sephora Squad Is Here!

(Updated 14/06/2021 10:35)

The most authentic personalities, inspiring content creator and trendsetters. These beauties will share their passion for beauty and give you their favorite tips and tricks in makeup, skincare and fragrances. Stay tuned for exciting content and join us in this exotic journey to beauty wonderland.

“I am a self-taught makeup artist who is passionate about beauty and fashion.”

“I’m a content creator, TV star & a stylist. I enjoy inspiring and reminding people that in a world full of routine, life is beautiful!"

“I’m a simple girl, interested in starting a career in the world of beauty which is something I genuinely love.”

“I’m a makeup lover, shopaholic and I know exactly how to share the best beauty advice with my fans.”

“I aspire to inspire by presenting creative content that is unusually bold to boost people’s confidence.”

“I’m a makeup artist who aspires to keep growing in the beauty industry and influence people in a positive way.”

“I’m a young makeup enthusiast sharing my love to the beauty industry by creating educational tutorials.”

“I’m a professional makeup artist & a beauty blogger in the UAE with a certified training from the L.A. Makeup School in Hollywood. I love my job and have worked with several celebrities.”

“I’m a fun, spontaneous and pretty straight forward person who loves playing around with makeup and dressing up!”

“I am a funny “tell it like it is” kind of person who loves helping others. I live an unfiltered, unedited life and truly believe that beauty is in all of us, if only we knew where to look”

“I’m a makeup artist, photographer & content creator who graduated from Northumbria University. My love for content creation & expertise in makeup allow me to create out of the box content, tips, and tricks.”

“I’m a professionally trained, Bahraini based makeup artist. My love for art & makeup artistry is like "painting on a living canvas”. Enhancing natural beauty is important to me when I work.”